Cyprus Science University Özok Student City Housing Complex and Accommodation Opportunities

The Cyprus Science University goes by the principle that students should be provided with the best conditions and quality for education and that their living standards in the TRNC should also be at the highest level that can be desired. In accordance with this principle, our Student Dormitories are designed with all kinds of needs in mind, and have the features to meet the social expectations of the students as well as the needs for accommodation.

Our dormitories are located on the 300 acre Dikmen Campus, the new campus of our university, and the present campus is only 15 minutes away from the Dikmen Campus. Our new dormitories will be offered to our students from September.

Each of our 3-storey dormitory buildings has 17 rooms on the ground floor and 18 rooms on the other floors. In total each building will have 53 rooms in total, with a total of 11 blocks, 583 rooms and a capacity of 1166 beds.

This year all three blocks of the Özok Student City will be open for service. The rooms include hot water, a fridge, a desk, cupboards, a private shower and toilet. In addition, our dormitories have kitchens which are open to common usage on every floor and also provide all kinds of facilities for our students to live a comfortable and quality life.

We have a free shuttle service at certain times to and from the campus to our dormitories.

Our dormitory rooms are for 2 people and the fee is 3000 EURO per person in the double rooms.

Number of beds – 2

Fridge – yes

TV – yes

Air-conditioning – yes

Cooker – located in the kitchens

WC and Shower – located in every room

Hot water – yes

Internet – yes