Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bülend GÖKSEL

Dear Colleagues and Dear Students,

Universities are where students maintain and develop the skills of acquiring a profession, with its theoretical and practical knowledge, thinking independently, questioning and criticizing the life they experience, and using it in other periods of their lives through establishing a social environment.

In this framework, at the Cyprus Science University, we aim for students to become individuals who will contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the countries they come from, by educating students with high capacity and quality in the fields we need in this era, with our understanding of education based upon scientific and cognitive thought.

We are aware that it will not be easy to reach such high targets, especially in this fast and dynamic age, and that education cannot be made to fit into traditional frameworks.

Following this awareness empowered with our student centred understanding that, in order to raise qualified students, theoretical studies are not enough. Therefore, our management has invested in what is necessary for the students to have full benefit of these in their practical studies as well.

In this way, our University has gained an Electric and Electronic, Mechatronic and Chemistry Laboratory and for our Health Sciences education we have a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Nursing Laboratory. This provides us with equipment above the national standards.

For the students to benefit by operating such equipment it is possible with the presence of highly qualified academics and experts.

Indeed, as in all other sectors, and even more so in the field of education, the most important factor that has succeeded in establishing organisations is the quality of the academic staff.

The Cyprus Science University has achieved a selection of superior academic staff in the education programmes it provides. With the breakthroughs it has made, it has become one of the universities deemed worthy in the TRNC.

However, it is emphasised by all management specialists that it is not enough to reach success only by having qualified human resources, but we also need to focus on a single goal with team spirit.

In this respect it would not be wrong to say that having a very high quality of staff at the Cyprus Science University working in full team spirit is one of the most important outcomes reflected in the achievement and good education of the students.

It is everyone’s opinion that university education does not just refer to lectures. During the education period, students have to be involved in the activities of their ages to evaluate the time of succession by producing and monitoring many social, cultural and sporting activities.

Our university management is also aware of these needs of our students and it is our duty to be behind them.

We can proudly say that we are working under a student-centred management model, both academically, socially and culturally. Our students, researchers and stakeholders are offered a healthy, unobstructed, safe and environmentally friendly campus with a vibrant urban environment, supporting our students with a variety of scholarship opportunities.

Hereby, I would like to state that I share with you the joy of being a part of the Cyprus Science University and I wish a good term to all students, academic, administrative and service staff of our university.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bülend GÖKSEL